What is Jodoshinshu (4)

Aforementioned points are a rough outline of „Kyougyoushinshou“. I would like to make a summary now:

„Nehan Shinnyo“, as a foundational source of the world, felt compassion for human beings, who cannot find out the true meaning of life because they are untrue and full of „Bonnou“ (Blind passions/illusions) and „Nehan Shinnyo“ under the name of „Namu Amida Butsu“ had the wish of fulfilling all the virtues of truth in human beings, because within human beings truth does not exist. „Daijihi“’s wish wants to have the effect on human beings as „Eko“ and fill them with its truth .

How can we receive the effect of „Namu Amida Butsu“?

This becomes possible when we awaken to our own self. When we awaken, we understand that human beings exist having their backs turned to „Daijihi“’s truth. Awakening to this realization and apologizing to Buddha makes it possible to receive „Daijihi no Shinjitsu“. This is the birth of a new heart. 

With this new heart, we can live life anew. Humans born anew will live in Amida’s world of truth, which means Jodo having come from Nehan, as foundation for life.

Deeper and deeper we search for truth and continue our path in life. Therein exists the form of living in salvation. This is an overview of Jodo-Shinshu’s world.

With those contents mentioned above, Shinran accepted Buddha’s teaching. Of those sutras having become the foundation, I will now speak about the centre, which is „Daimuryoujukyou“.

This sutra is roughly divided into two big chapters. The first is about „Amida no Hongan, which saves human beings“ and the second chapter explains about „Human beings having been saved by Amida no Hongan“.

The first chapter is also divided into two sub-chapters. There is a two-fold explanation provided about „Amida no Hongan, which saves human beings“. Why a two-fold explanation?

Because there exists a very important point about the salvation of human beings.

The two-fold explanation is called „In“ and „Ka“ (Like cause and effect). „Amida no Hongan“ has the power to save human beings; they are saved by „Amida no Hongan“. „Who?“, „Why?“, „How?“ was „Amida no Hongan“ created? All of that will become „In“ (Like cause). This „In“ exists and therefore „Amida no Hongan“ was created as „Ga“ (Like effect).

There is an explanation of „Amidabutsu“ „In“ and „Ga“ in two separate ways. That point must absolutely not be overlooked in Jodo-Shinshu. 

What kind of thing is Amidabutsu’s „In“? „Who?“, „Why?“, „How?“ was „Amida no Hongan“ created?

„Who?“ – That is „Nehan Shinnyo“, which is the foundational source of the world. That is truth. „Why?“ – Truth saw the human existence and confirmed its true form. Human beings do not possess the heart of truth, are constantly distracted by self-centered thinking, and are living an existence of erroneous ways (called „Bonnou“).

Such an existence can never become truth no matter how hard one may try. Because of that, life might end without meaning. Truth felt pity for that and therefore gave itself to human beings in order to overcome the emptiness of life. This heart of truth is called „Daijihi“. Buddhism accepted „Daijihi“ as the contents of truth.

„Nehan Shinnyo“ gives its truth to us human beings as „Daijihi“s heart, wanting to fulfill us. This is the root and foundation of Jodo-Shinshu.

What is this truth? It is infinite virtue. This infinite virtue is given to human beings in three things, trying to fulfill us.

To be continued…